Friday 29 January 2010

Minor 'A Dance With Dragons' update

From GRRM's 'Not A Blog':

"Snowing like hell in Santa Fe today. I feel like Jon Snow on the Wall. White everywhere I look, and still coming down.

Of course, I'm writing about Meereen, where the weather is hot and muggy, oppressive. If the snow keeps falling, I better take it as an omen, switch to a Jon chapter tomorrow.

The good news: finished a chapter today.

The bad news: it's one I've finished at least four times before.

This time, though, I think I finally got it right. We'll see. Still whacking at the Meereenese knot.

I took an especially vigorous hack two days ago, by switching to a new POV. It seems to have helped. Helps to have a pair of eyes on the inside rather than the outside here. And back story works better in recollections than in dialogue.

Let's hope that when next week comes, I still like what I did this week.

Writing, writing..."


The Flying Halftrak said...

Given the near absurd level of anticipation for any ADWD-related announcement (and I'm no exception) GRRM could probably just charge for all of his minor updates and make a living doing that. Something akin to a "George RR Martin Insider" subscription service, or something.

If he ever writes an autobiography, it should be titled "Hacking at the Mereneese Knot: The GRRM Story."

Iain said...

I have just finished my ASOIAF read through and thus my six weeks in Westeros have come to a sad end.

Understandably for a series spanning a good three thousand pages I was surprised at the some of the set pieces I had forgotten.


My favourite being Lysa Arryn taking a header (ok Baelish pushed her) out the Moon Door after her admission that she, at Littlefinger's direction, poisoned John Arryn and not the pesky Lannisters.

I have to say A Storm of Swords is nigh on perfect. There are enough twists, turns, epic confrontations and completely mind-boggling turns of events to fill many another fantasy trilogy -- all in twelve hundred breathless pages. Funnily enough it reminded me of the end of the 3rd season of the Wire, a lot of loose ends are tied up, a LOT of major characters exit stage left and it sets everything up perfectly for the next installment. It has a real end of the beginning feel to it.

Ah well back to porridge. I am more than happy to wait for GRRM to complete ADWD. It will be good to return to Meereen and see if Victarion ever manages to make it there, to travel to the Wall and see how Davos and Jon are coping with the quite bonkers Stannis and finally beyond it to find out what Bran and Hodor are up to and especially to finds out just exactly who Coldhands is -- someone else I had completely forgotten about.

Hope your dinner party was a blast.

BTW, just what has John Terry been up to...

bloggeratf said...

I don't follow GRRMs updates anymore. It is like getting 2 numbers out of five when playing the lottery, it just makes you sad...

DEZMOND said...

I can't wait to see the TV mini series based on Martin's GAME OF THRONES, which will premiere next year on HBO whose producers were stunned with the first material received from the director. I wrote a lot about it in my blog.