Friday, 12 February 2010

'State of the genre' interviews over at Sam Sykes' blog

Gollancz debut author Sam "Not Bill Sykes from Oliver Twist" Sykes recently announced a series of interviews with a number of bloggers on the state of the fantasy genre.

The first interview with The Book Smugglers can be found here.

The second interview with myself - how dare you not feature me first, Sykes! I demand satisfaction! - can be found here. I talk a bit about cover art and VIOLENCE (hence the rather bloody depiction of two frogs engaged in mortal combat).

Keep your eyes peeled for more interviews on Sam "Bastard offspring of Zangief from Streetfighter 2" Sykes' website in the coming days.

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Adele said...

ha, cool, I will pop over and read it. I've been enjoying Sam's twitter randomness.