Monday 6 September 2010

Genre novels up for the Guardian's "Not the Booker" award

Just a quick post to say that a healthy number of genre novels  have been nominated for the Guardian book blog's "Not the Booker" award - and voting for the shortlist ends at 12:00 am GMT, so you've not got long to get your vote in if you want to do so.

The genre novels nominated are as follows:

Dan Abnett – Triumff

Tom Fletcher – The Leaping

Peter F Hamilton – The Evolutionary Void

Guy Gavriel Kay – Under Heaven

MD Lachlan – Wolfsangel

Margo Lanagan – Tender Morsels

Ian McDonald – The Dervish House

China Miéville РKraken

Mark Millar and John Romita Junior – Kick Ass

Bryan Lee O'Malley – Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour

KJ Parker – The Folding Knife

I think that's all of them, but do feel free to point out any I've missed.


Will Ellwood said...

Arguably William Gibson's 'Zero History' is genre.

James said...

I actually included that on the list, but took it off as it seemed rather borderline from what I could tell of the story...

Will Ellwood said...

It is still a thriller if nothing else, and as far as I know that's a genre.

Hell most of what Scott Pilgrim has going for it as genre fiction is mostly the amount of intertextuality. It is, arguably, set in the real world and uses magical realism to tell a convoluted love story.

Quoting from Gibson's twitter feed (which is him quoting a review) something I've been thinking for a while would probably make my reasoning clearer:

"Science fiction as narrative strategy vs. science fiction as genre: compare and contrast. Then do the same for the thriller."