Friday, 23 May 2008

Lazy linkage

I'm heading down south tomorrow, to visit my family in leafy Surrey. Hopefully there'll be plenty of sun, chilled beers and walks in the deep woods. Mmm. It's always good to go home, especially when it looks like this: 
Nice. Incidentally, that pic actually is of Guildford, where I was born, not some random photo I nicked from the internet. The castle is actually of Norman design and offers a pretty good view from the top...but I digress. I could ramble on about the place of my birth for many hours, and probably bore you all to death in the process. So I won't. In fact I'll just say what I originally meant to say: as I'll be away for a while, posting here is likely to be sporadic at best. I will of course have access to teh internets, but whether I'll find the time to post is another thing. So just don't be too surprised if nothing new here appears for a few days. Normal service will resume next weekend hopefully. 

In the meantime, here's some links for you to get your canines into: 

Graeme's posted an interesting interview with horror author Gary Braunbeck HERE.

Aidan's discovered some cool artwork for the special edition version of Erikson's Gardens of the Moon. While the piece is very nicely done, the characters aren't right (when are they ever?). I like the gore though. Poor Hairlock. No wonder he went mad. Check it out HERE.

Chris has posted up a review of Sarah Ash's Lord of Snow and Shadows. Always kinda fancied this one and it certainly sounds worth checking out. The review is HERE.

Sara has read a real golden oldie - Heinlein's Starship Troopers. Review HERE.

Dark Wolf has had a run-in with a self-published novel with a rather crap-tastic cover...HERE. I'm slightly surprised he managed to last 100 pages. The last self-published book I glanced at had two grammatical errors in the first line and I made it to page 4. It was complete crap. 

Neth has read Stephen Hunt's The Court of the Air and posted his thoughts HERE.

Finally, Thrinidir over at Realms of Speculative Fiction (one of my favourite genre blogs) has read Ted Chiang's The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate. Check out his review HERE.

Right, that's all folks. Have a cool week and I hope to see you all again soon. 


Sara J. said...

Well, count me jealous of that photo for sure! Have a great visit & thanks for the linkage :)

ThRiNiDiR said...

Have a nice time 'down south' and drink a sip of cold lager in my name :)

cheers for the linkage James.


Dark Wolf said...

I know that is a little late, sorry :) but thank you for the link.