Saturday, 18 October 2008

Book pr0n!

Some book pr0n for all you voyeurs out there. ;) 

Received these recently, courtesy of Pan Macmillan and Orbit:

There's been quite a buzz building behind the Brent Weeks novel, so that's jumped right up my reading pile. Wasn't sure about the artwork originally, but having seen the finished article I think it looks very smart indeed. Artwork featuring figures has really become popular; Orbit especially seem to use it quite a lot (Cannavan, Miller, Weeks, etc). 

I've always wanted to read some more Hal Duncan ever since I enjoyed his short story in the Solaris Book of New Fantasy, so his novel Vellum seemed a good place to start. Really like this guy's prose. 

I've read somewhat mixed reviews of Campbell's Scar Night, but I like the premise so thought I'd give it a go. Evidently one of my cats, Keiko, decided she fancied it as well:


ediFanoB said...

Hi John,
I ordered The Way of Shadows some days ago at I still wait for confirmation of delivery date. I'm really keen to read this book.

By the way I'm also a member of Wonderlands which is an very interesting community.

gav ( said...

I've always had an addiction for book p0rn. I'm very tempted by book covers ;)

I enjoyed Scar Night a lot. I'm afraid that Veullum is half read. I just got more and more confused and I think I missed somethings along the way. Not to be read when sleepy.

Anonymous said...

Vellum... aahh Vellum, I so wanted to like this book and have read it 3 times but still do not have much of an idea what went on, full of great writing and packed with amazing ideas but it just left me with the feeling that i was not 'smart' enough to get it, a shame really, perhaps the follow up 'INK' brings some clarity to the story. I look forward to hearing your opinion on the book

Alex said...

I have mixed feelings about Scar Night. In some ways it reminds me of Meville's Perdido Street Station, but not as well executed.

The Way of Shadows, on the other hand, was spectacular! I was prepared to not like it, because the cover makes me associate it with Miller's underwhelming Kingmaker Kingbreaker novels, but it turned out to be one of the best books of the year. Definitely looking forward to the next two.