Tuesday, 21 October 2008

'Legend of the Seeker' trailer (warning - it's not very good)

Thanks to Wert for the heads-up on this one.

A ten-minute trailer for the TV adaption of Terry Goodkind's yawn-inducing fantasy (it is fantasy, Terry, regardless of how much you deny it) series The Sword of Truth can be viewed here.

Having watched the trailer, I thought I'd just give my initial impressions.

  • I'm not sure why they've called it Legend of the Seeker. Admittedly The Sword of Truth is a pretty crap name, but the one for the TV series isn't much better.

  • The opening sequence (except for the fact that the mountain shots look far too similar to the start of The Two Towers) is actually pretty good, though as Wert has stated, the use of slow motion does grate a little. As does the bad guys' initial inability to put an arrow in someone's back despite being about five yards away.

  • The appearance of the magical boundary kills the credibility somewhat; the effect is a little ropey and everything just goes downhill from here.

  • It's been over ten years since I read any of Goodkind's novels, so I can't remember much about the characters, but Richard looks far too young to me. He's clearly a nice gentleman though, because he lets his horse share his apple.

  • The confrontation between the hopelessly bland bad guys and Richard and Kahlan is marred by stiff, 'Hollywood' dialogue (in other words, overly-dramatic and unrealistic) and the outcome is so blazingly obvious that there is subsequently no tension whatsoever.

  • Though not admittedly the fault of the adaption, the plot looks rather stale to say the least. The Seeker needs to obtain some sort of book before the EVIL DARK LORD gets hold of it. Or something. Boring. But that's probably Goodkind's fault. Still, at least the scriptwriters don't have to - at this stage - worry about how they're going to sidestep the pointless sex and rape scenes that proliferate the later books.

There's an official website for the TV adaption here, with various other odds and ends that I probably won't bother watching.

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Jebus said...

Yeah it looks like total fucking shit. I can't believe that with so many friggin' fantastic books out there they choose to make a TV series based on one of the worst fantasy series ever.

Fucking retards the lot of them. Obviously appealing to the mental kids who attend the school across the street from my work.