Sunday, 11 January 2009

David Gemmell 'Legend award' update

Over 2000 votes have been received for the 2009 David Gemmell Legend award, which is excellent going for a new award! 

Unfortunately voting was postponed last Friday, due to some dickhead registering hundreds of votes for one author...there's always someone that has to spoil things for everyone else. It's not a problem, as the fraudulent votes have been identified and will be removed from the final count. Still, the organisers have warned that if there are repeats of this behaviour, the author accruing these votes may have to be removed from the award. This of course would be a final measure, and hopefully it won't come to that. 

To be honest though, I'm sure everyone probably expected something like this to happen. If you've not yet registered your vote, you can still do so here


ediFanoB said...

Yes, over 2000 votes is great and one of them is mine :-)

But it seems it is not possible to have a vote without manipulation.
That's sad.

CheatingDems said...

Sadly expected and used to it.