Saturday, 10 January 2009

Jasper Kent's Twelve already in second print run...

From agent John Jarrold's blog:

"I've just heard from Bantam UK that they are already reprinting TWELVE by Jasper Kent, only five days after its publication! Great news."

I've only seen positive reviews of this novel so far - do we have an early contender for 2009's debut of the year?

In any case, it just jumped a few places up my reading list...though I need to get a copy first! ;)


ediFanoB said...

Papaerback will be available at in July. I sent a preorder.

And I also read several promising reviews.

Iain said...

What a vombination for a novel! Napoleon's epic advance and retreat from Mpscow. Plus a brood of vengeful Russian vampires. You can't get much bette than that.

My copy is sitting in my ever-burgeoning pile of books to read beside the bed, alongside those in the bookshelf in my bedroom from last year and those in the bookcase in the dining room from the year before.

James said...

Iain - my thoughts exactly. And don't get me started on piles of books... ;)