Sunday, 23 August 2009

Video trailer for Andy Remic's upcoming novel 'Kell's Legend'

Check out this video trailer, created by Andy Remic in support of his upcoming novel Kell's Legend.

It's pretty well made, though rather...odd. Still, credit to Remic - and to Monument author Ian Graham, who has a cameo! - for creating one of the more interesting trailers I've seen for a novel (it certainly beats an author rambling on about their dull book). 

What do you think? Does it sell the book to you?


Andy Remic said...

Haha, which bit's odd? Or was it just the whole damn thing?
Ian G was a real nightmare to work with and direct, a real prima donna who demanded his own trailer, caviar and pink champagne before he'd even roll out of his Conan-esque furs. Still, it was great fun and a laugh to gurge up blood!!

James said...

The whole thing! I'm not sure I had much of a clue as to what was going on, but maybe I was just being a bit thick as my other half seemed to have a much better idea! I suppose it's also unusual in that it's not normally what you get from a book trailer!

Not surprised about Ian G's outrageous demands - when I offered to do an interview with him he demanded several bottles of Head and Shoulders for those silky locks of his! Who would have thought that such a diva could have written the gritty tale that is Monument! ;-)

Ian said...

Mr Long - if you'll recall, I specifically asked for Herbal Essences yet you nonetheless got me Head and Shoulders, a product utterly unsuitable for my hair type. In future, I'll demand to see my shampoo up front . . .!