Monday, 26 October 2009


Harry over at Temple Library Reviews runs an excellent feature called 'Reviewer Time' in which he aims to get to know the bloggers behind the various genre blogs a little better. I've been a regular reader of this series of interviews, except this time around I found myself on the receiving end of Harry's questions!

In the Q&A I talk about my blogging experiences and the genre scene in general. I also explain why I cannot touch spirits without dire consequences (I mean with regards to drinks, not actual spirits!).

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I'd like to thank Harry for letting me be a part of his excellent feature! Do check out the earlier interviews with my fellow bloggers too, there's some really enjoyable material there!


T.D. Newton said...

Kind of shocking to see you interview on there, since Reviewer Time gave us the number-rating-system-cowardice controversy. Good article, anyway.

Francisco Norega said...

Hi James!

I read your interview and I really enjoyed it. It's fun to see that you're also a veggie, and that your earlier journey in literature is very similar to mine :P

Francisco Norega

James said...

TD: Not really, I mean the crap about ratings was nothing to do with Harry, it just so happened to stem from one of his interviews. Saw no reason why I shouldn't take part because of that.

Francisco: Glad you enjoyed it and that we share the same way into fantasy. The veggie thing idea how long that will last! ;)

Francisco Norega said...

I'm veggie since February, I ate meat a couple of times because I had nothing else to eat xD

I hope someday I can also make an interview to you, to publish in my blog. ;)