Saturday, 16 January 2010

Another variation on the 'hooded figure' cover

This variant has been identified as belonging to the "portrait-of-evil-nun-clumsily-pasted-over-bland-background-in-futile-attempt-to-look-atmospheric" family of hooded figure artwork.

Apparently the publisher called Hoffman's novel "their biggest fiction debut of the decade" and that it is "the first installment in a GROUNDBREAKING NEW SERIES of imaginative fiction." It's odd then that they've slapped such a poor cover on the US release (the UK version is better, but still hopelessly derivative).

Thanks to Aidan and The Mad Hatter for the heads-up on this one.


Kristopher A. Denby said...

Is that Luke Skywalker from ROTJ?


Man, I get a kick out of your comments on book covers--especially the ones with hooded figures. I told a friend of mine from work (an older guy whose read more fantasy and scifi than he can count)about your aversion to hooded figured book covers and he thought it was hilarious. It's become a topic of conversation between the two of us on whatever we may be reading at the time.

Good stuff, James. Thanks for the service you provide.

Anonymous said...

like to see you do better than all the covers you " get a kick out of sledging" Kristopher ...."A"no satire honest guvna Denby

Christian FU Matherson

Aidan Moher said...


Kristopher A. Denby said...

What just happened?

Dan Smyth said...

I think you're spot on, James. Book art needs to be smashed to pieces and refigured. Everyone is constantly hitting on getting stuff published that is "new" and "original". Maybe they should apply their same tactics to the art department as well. Give us something good. Don't just "go with what has worked in the past". This is why Pixar has done so well where so many other movie companies have failed. Give them something new and the people will love you.