Monday 24 August 2009

Artwork for Adrian Tchaikovsky's 'Salute the Dark'

Pure win, as far as I'm concerned.

Not convinced about the red font, but I love the rest. It's in keeping with the other covers in the series, yet manages to look completely different at the same time. The figure - I think it might be the moth-kinden Acheos (sp?) - is very well drawn, and the mystical red light makes the whole image very striking. Plus, if we're talking business, it's suitably commercial for the market.

Impressive stuff, and further proof that Tor were right to ditch the original artist that did the (average) cover for Empire in Black and Gold, as the covers supplied for the subsequent books by the new artist have been excellent.


Jebus said...

I'm on to the second book and really enjoying this series. Thought ti was a trilogy so only started it when the third book came out but am not disappointed that it is continuing.

Agree about the red font - red font on a black background never works unless it is more of an orangey-type of red. Especially for us red-green colour blind guys.

Anyone else reading this series find themselves thinking of the characters as actual bugs and arachnids? I've constantly gotta nudge my brain into thinking of humans instead of characters from A Bug's Life or Antz. Doh!

James said...

Glad you're enjoying the series, Jebus - the second novel is an absolute cracker.

And yeah, took me a while to start thinking of the characters as people rather than bugs!

Anonymous said...

Cover art is not bad. Not too keen on the name though. I prefer the trend the other titles used. =/