Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Cover art for Richard Morgan's The Dark Commands

What did I tell you in my last post? That Werthead is the online pulse of the genre. He's got his fingers in more juicy genre pies than a beggar in a bakery. Earlier today, on a total whim, I did a google search to see if there was any sign of some artwork for Richard Morgan's The Dark Commands. Nothing came up in the search. Yet as usual, Wert has braved the nefarious reaches of the intarwebs to bring back said artwork. Bravo, Sir, bravo! Have a cookie.

Here it is:

I'm a fan. I like how the tone and style is similar to the first book. AND NO HOODED FIGURES.


However, it doesn't look like it will be released until next year. Still, it's apparently going to be a fair bit longer than The Steel Remains, so fans will have plenty to get their teeth into.

While we're at it, here's the blurb:

Ringil Eskiath, scarred wielder of the kiriath-forged broadsword Ravensfriend, is a man on the run from his past and the family who have disowned him, from the slave trade magnates of Trelayne who want him dead, and apparently from the dark gods themselves, who are taking an interest but making no more sense than they ever have. Outlawed and exiled from his ancestral home in the north, Ringil has only one place left to turn Yhelteth, city heart of the southern Empire, where perhaps he can seek asylum with the kiriath half-breed Archeth Indamaninarmal, former war comrade and now high-up advisor to the Emperor Jhiral Khimran II. But Archeth Indamaninarmal has problems of her own to contend with, as does her house guest, bodyguard and one time steppe nomad Egar the Dragonbane. And far from gaining the respite he is seeks, Ringil will instead find himself implicated in fresh schemes and doubtful allegiances no safer than those he has left behind. Old enemies are stirring, the old order is rotted through and crumbling, and though no-one yet knows it, the city of Yhelteth is about to explode..

Bring it.


Patrick said...

IMO, the silhouettes are too pronounced. They just look fake.

The cover doesn't fit together.

Alec said...

I am just going to say no...

We have any idea when this is going to hit the market?

Adam Whitehead said...

This is the US cover. The UK cover is actually up here, with no title:


Still no hooded figure though ;-)

The US cover comes from Bantam US' Fall catalogue.

@ Alec, on Westeros.org Richard Morgan dropped by to explain that the book hasn't been turned in and won't be in the near future, making any release date speculative at the moment. My guess is that we are looking at 2011, maybe late in 2011.