Wednesday, 3 March 2010

HBO gives green light to A Game of Thrones

Fantastic news - HBO have given the green light to a full series based on GRRM's A Game of Thrones.

They've also released a still from the production (think this is a shot of one of the Night Watch (Royce?) finding the dead wildlings, as they do in the prologue to A Game of Thrones. Looks pretty cool.

Full story can be found here.

I'm not surprised by this news, I was always confident that the series would get picked up. Still, it's fantastic news and I'm really looking forward to see how it turns out.


ediFanoB said...

Great news!
I really hope the will air it in Germany too.

Labyrinth_Moderator said...

Yay! Looking forward to seeing Jon and Tyrion. But, will the series follow only one book, or the whole series?