Saturday 5 July 2008

Wonderlands + Facebook

Just to help spread the word...

A new social networking site called Wonderlands has just been set up...yes, I can hear you muttering already - what is the point of another one? Well, this site caters exclusively for fantasy fans. Although a very new site, it's already got a growing member list, which includes plenty of authors. There's a forum, an events page and various other bits and pieces. It's pretty cool actually, and good to know that everyone is there for the same reason. 

If you fancy signing up, check out Wonderlands HERE.

My own page can be found HERE.

While I'm the subject of networking sites, I'm also on Facebook, should any of you guys also be on there. Feel free to friend me, if that's your sort of thing. Always nice to meet new people. I'd appreciate it though if you could introduce yourself, as I'm not one of these networking whores that adds everyone under the sun just to look popular. ;)

My Facebook page is HERE.


Gabriele Campbell said...

Is there a way to change the black background once you've signed up? I find the site very difficult to read.

James said...

You can change the colour/theme of your own page once you've signed up. I'm not sure whether this will also change the colours of pages other than your own though.