Thursday 18 December 2008

Short article on the 'New Weird' genre...

Really good introductory article to the New Weird movement (which is sadly regarded as being largely defunct) over at the Barnes and Noble Review.

"One of the youngest branches of fantastical literature acquired its name only in 2003, although ancestral instances of the mode can be found from much longer ago. But at that not-too-distant date the long-established, well-regarded U.K. author M. John Harrison kicked off an online discussion with the questions: "The New Weird. Who does it? What is it? Is it even anything?" The sound and fury that filled the subsequent five years settled many of those issues, while raising others. But it seems impossible any longer to deny that the catchy tag can be hung with some justification and critical utility on a certain type of story."

The article offers some suggested reading for anyone that fancies dipping their toes into the abstract world of the New Weird. Be warned though, as there are one or two spoilers.

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