Thursday 9 July 2009

Mark Chadbourn on researching his 'Age of Misrule' trilogy

Just a heads-up: UK author Mark Chadbourn has written a little piece over at amazon blog Omnivoracious, about his experience of writing his Age of Misrule trilogy. Published in the UK for some time now, the series was picked up by Pyr in the US and the first two instalments have already been released. The final book Always Forever (secksy cover on the left) will follow on July 28.

I've had my eye on this trilogy for a while, and reading a snippet of the prologue made me even more interested: "And now the world turns slowly from the light. Not with the cymbal clash of guns and tanks, but with the gently plucked harp of shifting moods and oddly lengthening shadows, the soft tread of a subtle invasion, not here, then here, and none the wiser. Each morning the sun still rises on supermarket worlds of plastic and glass, on industrial estates where slow trucks lumber in belches of diesel, on cities lulled by the whirring of disk drives breaking existence down into digitised order. People still move through their lives with the arrogance of rulers who know their realm will never fall. Several weeks into the new Dark Age, life goes on as it always has, oblivious to the passing of the Age of Reason, of Socratic thought and Apollonian logic...No one had noticed. But they would. And soon."

Mmmm. Nice. I might have to order the US versions though, because for once the US covers are far better than their UK counterparts...


Gabriele Campbell said...

There's an omnibus editon by Gollancz, too. For 10 pound. :)

ediFanoB said...

I own the omnibus. I read World's End and I'm halfway through Darkest Hour.
It is dark and I like the combination of modern England and Celtic myth.

Francisco Norega said...

wow, this looks soooooo interesting *.*

I don't know what to say, I'm so curious. I think I'll wait for your opinion, and then I may buy it :D

gav ( said...

Thanks - I missed this!

He's a brilliant man and a great writer!