Wednesday 29 July 2009

Resident Evil director to direct movie adaptation of 'The Painted Man'

It's been announced that Paul W. S. Anderson, of Resident Evil fame, is going to be directing the big-screen adaptation of Peter Brett's extremely successful debut fantasy novel, The Painted Man.

"It was an occasion where it paid to be British," Anderson said. "It launched in the U.K. six months earlier than in the U.S., and we got wind of it when it was in galley form before the U.K. release. We think it has the potential to be a new 'Lord of the Rings'-style epic, and the book has all this great imagery."Added Bolt: "We put our own money to buy it. We were reading all these great reviews, and we thought someone was going to buy it pretty fast."

Brett has confirmed that he's almost done with the page proofs for his upcoming Sub Press short story collection, The Great Bazaar (artwork to the left), and that the final draft of The Desert Spear is due to be handed in next month.

Meanwhile, the paperback bersion of The Painted Man is on to its third print run in the UK, while it's also selling very well in Germany (currently at number 333 out of all books on the German amazon website).

All things considered, things are certainly looking very rosy for Peter Brett at the minute...


Iain said...

Oh that just about makes me want to puke in the corner!! Paul WS Anderson has made one decent film in his entire career (Event Horizon) and that was twelve years ago. Even then it was a rip off of better horror movies.

The Resident Evil movies, whichever ones he directed were utterly crap. The film with Kurt Russell set on a garbage planet was awful too.

Aliens Versus Predator sucked all kinds of dick and as for Death Race...well it was kind of alright.

Mmm, Peter V Brett will of course be happy at cashing in on the rights to the novel. But I wonder will he be happy with the resulting movie?

Conan to be directed by Marcus Nispel (the remaking German hack) and The Painted Man to be directed by Paul W S Anderson. Mmmm fantasy movies aren't getting a fair deal at the mo.

James said...

Well, Anderson has name-checked the LOTR movies but I can't see this film coming anywhere close to their brilliance. Given his background, I do suspect the resulting film will be pretty pulpy and heavy on the 'action' scenes.

As you say, his track record is less than spectacular. Doubt Brett will be that bothered though - the most likely outcome is a middling movie that only helps his book sales, so nothing to worry about there. It's not like the crap Eragon films ruined Paolini's sales at all.

Iain said...

Too true James. If it sells him more book he will be absolutely delighted.

Ergaon, yeuch!!

Anonymous said...

A film I will not watch for sure. Book is great, director is a bad choice.

Unknown said...

And i thought things would get better with his movies. i guess NOT. Not looking forward this movie for sure. On the bright side, i've just received my customizable Resident Evil card from Amazings