Monday 8 March 2010

Kraken extract

Pan have released an excerpt from China Miéville's new book, Kraken.

Stylistically it appears to differ from the two previous Miéville novels I've read; less baroque, perhaps a little more accessible. This opening chapter didn't really do much for me, but admittedly I was reading it pretty fast.

Still looking forward to this one.


Unknown said...

Ach, damn and blast. You beat me to this by like four minutes!

Still, can't wait for Kraken. I really enjoyed the extract myself, and I'm all for Mieville getting a bit more accesible. I really loved The City and The City in the end, but getting going was tough after so long without reading him.

The Flying Halftrak said...

Hmm, that excerpt reads a little rough.

Still, it's China Mieville. I'll be getting the book regardless.