Tuesday 15 January 2008

Artwork for 'The Bastards and the Knives'

Whilst trying to find the release date for Scott Lynch's forthcoming instalment in the Gentleman Bastards sequence, I stumbled across the artwork for his spin-off novellas due for release in 2009 - 'The Choir of Knives' and 'The Mad Baron's Mechanical Attic'.

It's immediately interesting to see that this release appears to be an omnibus, combining both novellas rather than releasing them seperately. I'm not sure about the reason behind this but if it means fans only have to pay for one book rather than two, then I'm fully behind it.

As for the actual cover, I have to say I like it a lot- the colour is alluring and the artwork further illustrates Gollancz's habit of publishing their fantasy books with more alternative covers.

I'm especially interested to see what sort of story Lynch can spin without Locke and Jean, who allegedly do not appear in these novellas.

Roll on 2009...

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