Saturday 5 January 2008


There are already a number of good fantasy book blogs out there in the vast reaches of cyberspace. So why start another one? Good question, and one I don't really have an answer to. Maybe it's a need to make use of my creative energies that are otherwise numbed by the 9-5 grind. Perhaps it's all a facade with the ultimate aim of accumulating plenty of free books, or a cynical attempt to network with the dastardly intention of whoring my as-of-yet-unwritten fantasy masterpiece.

Or maybe, just maybe, I started this blog because I like writing and I like fantasy, and when I'm not writing fantasy I like writing about fantasy. So, I welcome you to my humble blog where I will endevour to explore the best that fantasy (and other speculative fiction) has to offer. I will post book reviews, opinion on the genre, news snippets of interest, as well as - hopefully - author interviews.

I hope you stick around for the ride.


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