Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Alt.Fiction Convention - 26 April 2008

If any of you readers in the UK find yourself with an empty diary for April 26th, and you are able to get to Derby, then you could do far worse than go along to Alt.Fiction, a one-day genre convention.

There'll be discussion panels, Q&A sessions, readings, author signings, workshops and plenty of drinks in the bar. Nice.

I'll be there, so feel free to say hello. If you recognise me. Which, given that I've never posted a picture of myself on this blog, is pretty unlikely. Perhaps I'll have to wear a special costume so I stand out. Suggestions on a postcard...

You can check out the Alt.Fiction blog for the latest news:


Mark Newton said...

You should put your picture up for all to see!

I'll be there, pint in hand, at the bar.

James said...

I'll be in the bar too, with a pint (that you've bought me) in hand. :)

Todd Newton said...

Now that I'm actually interested in going to conventions, none of them are coming to Denver anytime soon. I think there's one in August. Sad.

You two have fun.