Sunday, 11 October 2009

Lazy Sunday linky links

Still not done with the Name of the Wind is still pretty hectic at the minute, loads of things demanding my attention, but hopefully be done soon. Not much left to write, it's almost there...

Still, there's plenty of stuff from around the blogosphere that you can check while you wait...

First though, a funny: 


Aidan's got the US covers for Adrian Tchaikovsky's Shadows of the Apt series. Not bad at all, but I prefer the UK covers (and don't understand why Pyr have bothered to slap new covers on them when surely the UK covers would have been suitable for the US market...).

Graeme's reviewed Fire by Kristin Cashore (a book I've got and am intending to read at some point) and also Triumff by Dan Abnett (another book I'm hoping to read - sounds like a hell of a lot of fun). He's also got a few giveaways on the go, so check 'em out, yo. 

Wert's also reviewed Triumff.

Gav's reviewed Iron Angel by Alan Campbell. 

The old argument about SF not being respected has come around again (that time of year already?) and Larry's got all the details. A rather tired old argument to be honest, but there's some interesting stuff there, especially over at Lou Ander's blog. 

Lastly, something not related to the genre. I love a bit of acoustic guitar music now and again, and this guy has some serious talent. Picked up his EP Rain Before the Storm on itunes and it's excellent. Acoustic guitar wizardry all round! :)

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gav ( said...

Thanks for the linkage!

Can't quite see Lady GaGa in LOTR but given half a chance she'd be there I'm sure - can we all move on please and just agree she's a man in drag?

Tchaikovsky's covers - I'm with you like the UK ones more but I think they might be a little isolated and I have a feeling that the American market likes more of a scene and context even if it is those horrible Wheel of Time covers - now those are really really bad!!

Oh and I demand respect! But then sci-fi is too fantastical to be taken as a serious art form - reality is the only place you can possibly be and be sane and respected.