Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Update + RSS + links

Just a quick update on the current state of play, blogwise...

I've adjusted the settings for the RSS feed, as I finally realised that only allowing subscribers to see part of each post completely defeated the point of subscribing to the feed in the first place. So if you haven't previously subscribed because of this issue, rest assured it's been resolved. Subscribers can now read each post in its entirety via their readers.

In terms of more general blog news...

What I'm reading

Kraken by China MiƩville - I was one of the lucky few to receive a bound proof of this highly-anticipated novel (the 'thumbs-up' hand sadly wasn't included), which isn't the easiest thing to read, but it looks the business. Currently two-thirds of the way through; as with most of MiƩville's books, it's not a quick read. I hope to finish it by the weekend, so a review may surface around this time next week. All I'll say at this point is that I'm enjoying it more than The City and the City.

Once I'm done with Kraken I'm rather hoping to start on City of Ruin, though that depends on how soon the review copy arrives (should be pretty soon, given the novel is due out in just over a month). Other books currently piled on my table that I intend to read at some point include Tomb of the Undergates, Thirteen Years Later, Veteran, and The Reapers are the Angels. I've also got copies of James Barclay's Elves - Once Walked With Gods, and Jon Sprunk's Shadow's Son, though not sure when/if I'll get to these two. So many books, so little time...

What I'm watching

Currently on a war films binge at the moment. This began with the excellent Blood Diamond, which was followed by Platoon (re-watch), Enemy at the Gates, Rescue Dawn, Tigerland and The Thin Red Line. Have a few more to watch, then will do a write-up.

What I'm playing

Nothing currently, though my copy of Oblivion pouts at me from its place on the shelf whenever I walk by. Just been a bit too busy recently...

In other blog-related news, I'll definitely be attending the triple signing at Forbidden Planet in London on 20 May 2010. Well up for post-signing drinks/chat/drunken brawling, if anyone fancies it.

Right, enough about me...here's a few links of interest from around the blogosphere:

Wert got some interesting debate going about the inclusion/exclusion of "the story so far" sections in novels. He's also reviewed The Passage.

The Speculative Scotsman has already got his (excellent) review of Kraken up, as has Gav.

Neth has reviewed The Adamantine Palace (yet another book I really need to get around to).

Larry has one or two complaints about blogs that opt for a lot of images.

That'll have to do for the time being, though there's plenty more good stuff out there - check the blogs on the sidebar for more genre goodness.


Maurice said...

Argh! I saw you live in Manchester and first thought the signing would take place here and it would have been cool to not only see Mieville, but some of my favourite bloggers as well.

Jebus said...

Been watching The Pacific as well? Not quite as good as Band of Brothers but still quite watchable with the 3rd episode being dedicated to my home town. Makes me wanna check out the recent Clint Eastwood war films.

The Thin Red Line is easily the best war film EVER and has one of the most amazing soundtracks out there as well.

Also try All Quiet On The Western Front, Flamel & Citron, Gallipoli, Charge of the Light Horsemen, and Europa Europa for some great war films.

James said...

Maurice - pop on the train! London's only two hours away!

Jebus - not watching The Pacific since I don't have sky (don't watch much tv, so still live in the stone age in this regard).

Thin Red Line...you know, for some reason I couldn't really get into it. Not sure why.

Thanks for the other recs.

Maurice said...

The Pacific is quite good!

I know it isn't far, but I have been procrastinating enough for upcoming exams :P I swear I'm going to just read a few more blogs and get back to my essays, any minute now.