Thursday 12 August 2010

Assorted cover art

First up, a lovely new cover for the Sub Press version of Mieville's Kraken (thanks to Aidan for this one - CHEERS MOHER).

Pretty cool, but I still like the purple-tastic UK cover the most. 

Up next, the UK cover for Ari Marmell's The Conqueror's Shadow:

And here's the US artwork for Stephen Deas's The King of the Crags:

And lastly, the US cover for Robert Redick's The River of Shadows:

Quite like that last one, it's a little bit different.


David Wagner said...

I recently read Redick's book Red Wolf Conspiracy, which I thought was fantastic until the very end, at which time (I felt) it fell apart completely... I've never read a book before that rode so strong and high for so long, only to disintegrate like that... I've been reluctant to pick up the sequel for that reason...

Did you do a review of RWC or of the sequel (Ruling Sea)? I'd like to see what you thought of them....

warcraft gold said...

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