Wednesday 4 August 2010

If ever there was a cover that made me want to read a book...

...then this is it.

Never mind that it's old, or that its got a crap name, or that it's a Landover novel by Terry Brooks (as opposed to his Shannara novels, the earlier ones of which I rather enjoyed). Just behold the pure awesomeness of a HUGE BLACK DRAGON brawling with a GIANT WORM-THING.

Talk about epic.

Has anyone read Witches' Brew *snicker* and, if so, does it have a truly epic smackdown featuring said participants?


Adam Whitehead said...

This is, without question, one of the worst novels I have ever read in my life and nearly put me off reading fantasy for good (I read it shortly after release in 1995). It's on the level of the Kevin J. Hackmeister DUNE books, except with a terrible, terrible sense of humour.

I don't recall if the dragon-riding-a-worm thing is in the book as I got it out of the library and returned it with rapidity.

Unknown said...

I can related to that Adam... the book is a terrible mess , starting with the plot and neding with the writing style..i hated it.