Tuesday 29 September 2009

Two-book deal for Paul Kearney

Paul Kearney's The Ten Thousand received plenty of plaudits last year for its excellent prose, visceral battle sequences and intriguing world remeniscent of Classical Greece and the Persian Empire. Fans were excited to hear that Kearney intended to write further novels set in the same world, only for disappointment to set in after Solaris was put up for sale and any future plans put on hold.

However, Kearney fans can now rejoice following this statement:

"Jonathan Oliver, the commissioning editor for Solaris Books since it was acquired by Rebellion has confirmed a two book deal with Paul Kearney. The novels, entitled Corvus and Kings of Morning, are due for delivery in 2010 and early 2011 respectively and are set in the same universe as Paul's successful The Ten Thousand, previously published by Solaris.

Paul's agent, John Jarrold, was quoted as saying “The immediacy of Paul’s prose and characterisation always puts me in mind of David Gemmell, who I was lucky enough to publish in the mid-1990s...With The Ten Thousand he has created a world ripe for re-visiting. Can’t wait to read these books! And I’m very pleased to have concluded my first deal with Jon Oliver and the ‘new’ Solaris.”

Great news. I really enjoyed The Ten Thousand, so it's fantastic to know that we're going to get some further novels about the warlike Macht race. That the new Solaris team have got the contract sealed so quickly is a strong indication that they regard Kearney as a key author for the imprint (unsurprising, given his qualities as an author and also the commercial success of The Ten Thousand).

Looking forward to these novels very much indeed...


ediFanoB said...

Excellent news!!
I really enjoyed The Ten Thousand. the battle sequences are unbelievable.

Two more books... Great!! Can't wait to read.

Iain said...

Well at least that is one good piece of news this evening! To salve my fevered state of mind at Liverpool's ineptitude in Florence I find out the happy news that will see Paul Kearney continue his adventures in the world of Ten Thousand.

The book got my vote for the David Gemmell award so I am happy to see that we will be returning to a grim world of adventure, stern heroes and tremendous battles.

It's a pity that Liverpool footballers other than Gerrard, Torres, Carra and the sadly departed Alonso haven't got the balls of a Macht spearman.