Tuesday 5 October 2010

Interview with Paul Kearney over at Solaris blog

Paul Kearney, compared to many authors these days, has a fairly small internet presence. Which makes it all the sweeter when he does emerge, as he always has something interesting to say.

There's a new interview with Paul over at the Solaris editors' blog, in which he discusses - among other things - his upcoming Macht books, Corvus and Kings of Morning:
"People tell me, when they know what I do, that I must have a great imagination, but I really don’t. I just get inspired by some fragment of history and then I run with it. To make up everything, and I mean everything, in the way guys like Erikson do, is unfathomable to me. I come up with the story first, and the world comes later. And I want to get that world out there as fast as I can, so that it can keep up with the story I want to tell. So for me, the worldbuilding comes last. Is that heresy for a fantasy author to admit?"

Corvus is due out on 28 October 2010, with Kings of Morning lined up for 2011.

My own interview with Paul, conducted back in 2008, can be found here.

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