Monday 11 February 2008

Blurb for Lynch's Republic of Thieves

Scouring the internet for news on Scott Lynch's forthcoming Republic of Thieves, I found on westeros what is allegedly the blurb for the next novel in the Gentleman Bastards sequence. WARNING - this blurb does contain minor spoilers if you've not yet finished Red Seas Under Red Skies. In fact, it also gives away perhaps too much of what happens in Republic of Thieves...

The supposed blurb reads as follows:

"Having pulled off the greatest heist of their career, Locke and his trusted partner in thievery, Jean, have escaped with a tidy fortune. But, poisoned by an enemy from his past, Locke is slowly dying. And no physiker or alchemist can help him. Yet just as the end is near, a mysterious Bondsmagi offers Locke an opportunity that will either save him-or finish him off once and for all. Magi political elections are imminent, and the factions are in need of a pawn. If Locke agrees to play the role, sorcery will be used to purge the venom from his body-though the process will be so excruciating he may well wish for death.

Locke is opposed, but two factors cause his will to crumble: Jean's imploring-and the Bondsmagi's mention of a woman from Locke's past: Sabetha. The love of his life. His equal in skill and wit. Locke was smitten with Sabetha from his first glimpse of her as a young fellow-orphan and thief-in-training. But after a tumultuous courtship, Sabetha broke away. Now they will reunite in yet another clash of wills. For the opposition knows of Locke's recruitment and has cleverly secured Sabetha as their countermeasure. Faced with his one and only match in both love and trickery, Locke must choose whether to fight Sabetha-or to woo her. It is a decision on which his life may depend. "

First up, I think this blurb is pretty crap; it gives away far too much of the plot. That said, I like what I hear. Although it does sound a little similar to the plot of Red Seas (ie two factions both trying to use Locke and threatening to bump him off if he doesn't comply) I do like the idea of Locke going up against Sabetha, and having to choose with his head or his heart. I'm very much looking forward to meeting Sabetha for the first time. Furthermore, it'll be great to have Bondsmages involved in the action once more. I felt their absence quite keenly in Red Seas, and The Falconer from Lies was a terrific villain.

There's been a bit of debate as to how long the book will be: says 800, says 512. I think 800 is too high; Red Seas was over-long and I don't want the same problem to befall Republic. We'll just have to see. Expect the novel to surface in June (UK) and August (US) this year.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this book! so glad that Locke is still in it thought it may have gone the way o Anne Rice with new characters which doesn't always work. As fr red skies being too long read it in two days more the same please!

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait for this book. Its kick ass..

Also, Lynch has posted the prologue for Republic on his site..