Wednesday 13 February 2008

Major US deal for Redick

Robert V. S. Redick's debut novel The Red Wolf Conspiracy has only been out for a few weeks but is already making a big noise in the UK speculative scene, and has been earmarked by several other bloggers as an early contender for debut of the year.

Now, American readers can look forward to seeing what all the fuss is about. John Jarrold, Redick's agent, has just announced a three-book deal with Del Rey for a six-figure sum (in US dollars).

Looks like Redick is already hot property. Soon I'll find out if the hype is justified, as I begin Red Wolf tomorrow. I'll hopefully have a review up in the near future.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for a review of Gail Z. Martin's The Blood King, which I finished yesterday.


Todd Newton said...

It doesn't surprise me that Del Rey (Random House) picked up the deal. They are pursuing some good authors lately (Greg Keyes' books are enjoyable).

I'm anxious to see how you liked The Blood King. I won't say anything now but you had better believe I will comment my two cents when you post your thoughts.

James said...

I've heard good things about Greg Keyes, so will have to check him out at some point.

As for The Blood King, I'll try and get the review up tomorrow. And of course you are most welcome to post your thoughts. :)

Todd Newton said...

I'll be honest about Keyes. The Briar King was kind of luke-warm. I liked the prologue better than the rest of the book. The Charnel Prince started out the same ho-hum but then totally picked up and ended quite well. I have The Blood Knight but I'm in the middle of a "learning" book right now and haven't opened it yet. Bottom line, don't be expecting J.V. Jones.