Friday 20 March 2009

Nights of Villjamur giveaway - winner!

The time has come...

Before I announce the winner of a signed proof of Nights of Villjamur, I'd like to thank everyone who entered. I received 65 entries, which is really terrific response for a giveaway, especially for that of a debut author. So cheers for your interest!

Right, to business. I've already done the draw - completely randomly, I assure you - and the winner is...

*drum roll*

Peter Fugazzotto!

Congratulations, sir! And commiserations to the rest of you. If I could, I'd give you all a copy...but I don't think the nice ladies at Pan Mac would give me that many proofs!

Still, all is not lost - you can pre-order Nights of Villjamur in hardback from Amazon UK for a reduced price of £9.34 ($13.47).

On another note, Mark has kindly written a really interesting guest blog post, which I'll be posting up in the near future.

Thanks again for all your entries!


Anonymous said...

I keep seeing Mark referred to as a debut author but didn't he have a book called "The Reef" come out last year?

Mike Johnstone said...

Shucks! :-)

Congratulations to Mr. Fugazzotto! And thanks, James, for doing the contest.

Sigh ... now I'll have pay to get my hands on this one.

Reading's an expensive habit, I say ....

James said...

Kmgrey: You're absolutely right, Mark does have a novel called The Reef out. But Nights of Villjamur is his epic fantasy debut, not to mention his first novel for a major publisher, so in that respect it his debut.

Travel By Thought: Yeah, I'm afraid there can only be one winner. Thanks for taking part though, and it was a pleasure to run the contest.

ediFanoB said...

Congratulations to Peter Fugazzotto!

Due to space problems I only buy paperbacks. So I have to wait a bit longer.