Monday 9 March 2009

Some cool bookcovers

I've spent most of today being owned by a nasty cold, so no real energy for any serious blogging. Thought I'd just post a few covers that I've seen recently and quite liked.

Check 'em out, yo.


Todd Newton said...

How do you feel about The Warded Man (Peter V. Brett)?

James said...

I've not read it, but it's definitely on my list. It sounds like a cool concept, and it's had some very good reviews.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at In Great Waters the other day. Thanks for the reminder.

Hope you feel better -

As for The Warded/Painted Man - it's a great fun read - it's an interesting concept for having magic be more defensive - at least in the beginning and it's quite a hopeful novel - as in we don't need to be scared of the dark.

ediFanoB said...

Get well soon!
Thanks for the covers.
In Great Waters by Kit Whitfield aroused my attention.
So I searched for a review and found this one: SFFWORLD review
Finally I added the book to my list.

Tia Nevitt said...

A cold is exactly the reason I'm not blogging. I'm reading the Crown Conspiracy now--not bad.

Todd Newton said...

Oh, I meant the cover :)

James said...

Ah, well if we're talking about the cover for TPM/TWM, I think the UK one is better than the US one...but I'm not overly blown away by either tbh. I think the UK cover for The Desert Spear is better than both though.

Todd Newton said...

Interesting. Seeing the UK cover makes me wish they'd included it in the US cover rather than "random cityscape" but oh well. I just like how they did the symbol(s).