Wednesday 13 May 2009

The "omg so much happened while I was away" edition of linky-links!

Arrived back home at 1 a.m this morning, after an excellent ten days of backpacking around north-eastern Italy (pizza and ice cream diet = WIN). I'll probably get around to posting a few snaps of my travels later this week. Also appearing at some point will be a review of Tim Lebbon's Fallen. For now, linky-links to stuff of interest that occurred while I was away.

As reported by some of my blogging colleagues, Mark Charan Newton has signed a two-book deal with Del Rey. I know that many of you US readers were disappointed that Nights of Villjamur had not been picked up by a US publisher, so now you can rest easy! In my opinion it was only a matter of time, and it's a brilliant deal for Mark. I was aware of the offer from Del Rey before I actually left for Italy, but of course couldn't say anything until a deal had been struck (which it has, and for a goodly sum). Del Rey sound excited about their latest acquisition, and Mark is clearly chuffed to be working with them too, so it's a perfect match. In related news, Pat has reviewed Nights of Villjamur. Interestingly, like with many of the other 'hyped' releases that have gone before, his reaction is decidedly lukewarm. To be fair it's one of Pat's better reviews, although I disagree with most of his criticisms.

Joe Abercrombie is set to embark on a UK tour, with the first appearance taking place in good old Rainy City (Manchester, in other words) on 4 June. I expect to attend - if anyone will also be attending the Manchester gig and fancies going for a beer or whatever afterwards, let me know!

In a truly craptastic bit of news, it's been revealed that Stephenie Meyer's 'novels' account for 16% of all books sold in the USA in 2009. FAIL.

The first official casting for the TV adaptation of ASOIAF has been confirmed (it's for the role of Tyrion, and it's a good choice).

The UK front cover for The Gathering Storm has been released, and it's very nice indeed:

Right, that's about it I think. As I said, look out for a review of Tim Lebbon's Fallen later this week.


Alexander Field said...

Great update...though that one bit of news about Stephenie Meyer is just about the most depressing thing I've ever heard.

ediFanoB said...

Welcome back! Look forward to your review of Tim Lebbon's Fallen. I didn't read a book by Tim Lebbon so far.