Friday 29 May 2009

The Painted Man optioned for film

From Peter V. Brett's blog:

"I am pleased to report that I have on my desk a signed film option contract with a major Hollywood director for The Painted Man and subsequent books in the franchise.

Said director has asked to not be mentioned by name until midsummer when he is finished packaging his latest blockbuster, but rest assured, he has some serious SF movie cred. We met personally a few months ago and talked for hours about the book and how it might translate into film. I left feeling very confident that we were on the same page, and that he was genuine about his commitment to the project.

It is going to be AWESOME.

That is all for now."

That's pretty big news for a debut author, and no doubt will excite fans of The Painted Man. Funnily enough I'm actually reading this novel at the minute (about 150 pages in) so look out for a review probably around this time next week.


Todd Newton said...

Hey, I saw that on his blog this morning too. Very exciting.

Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. I read the whole thing while I was in Japan immediately after reading The Way of Shadows.

Iain said...

I really hope it ain't Michael Bay. I hope you enjoy the novel as much as I did.

How did the Pat Rothfuss signing go?

Offworld said...

Just finished the Warded Man last night. A simple but very good read. Hope you enjoy.

ediFanoB said...

I saw that on his blog this afternoon too. Good deal for a debut author.

I read the book and it is awesome. Looking forward to read the next one in the series titled The Deset Spear.

Looking forward to your review.

James said...

TD: Well, it's alright so far, and the first 150 pages are meant to be the weakest part of the novel, so the signs are good.

Iain: See latest blog entry!

Offworld: Thanks, I hope so too.

ediFanoB: Yep, it's a good deal. But nothing's set in stone yet. Authors sign options all the time, it's free money basically. Most of the time nothing actually ever happens.