Monday 25 May 2009

Some upcoming signings at Manchester Waterstones

There's some pretty cool book signings lined up for the next two weeks at Manchester Waterstones in Deansgate.

First up is Patrick Rothfuss, who shot to fame with his much-lauded debut novel The Name of the Wind in 2007. Pat will be appearing on 28 May at 7 pm for some chitchat and book-signing action.

He's followed by Joe Abercrombie, who will be signing copies of his well-received new novel Best Served Cold on 4 June.

Finally, Guillermo del Toro (director of Pan's Labyrinth, the two Hellboy movies and the upcoming Hobbit film) will be signing copies of his novel The Strain, written in collboration with Chuck Hogan. Del Toro will be appearing on 8 June.

I've picked up my tickets for the Rothfuss and Abercrombie events, which will hopefully be lots of fun. Not sure if I'll make the del Toro signing.


Alexander Field said...

These are great signings. I'm heading up to BEA in NYC next week and hoping to find some of these guys out there signing as well. : )

Malin said...

Wow :) Both Rothfuss aaaaand Abercrombie. I'm so envious of you. Could you get books signed for me too if I send them to you? ;) (Living in Sweden and can't just "drop by" to the signing..)

James said...

Malin - probably best if you drop Joe a polite email, I'm sure you can come to some sort of arrangement with him.