Sunday 13 December 2009

Poptwats Jedward 'invited to audition' for Hobbit movie

This is the sort of news that makes you vomit your Sunday morning breakfast all over the kitchen table: X Factor rejects John and Edward Grimes (known collectively as 'Jedward') have apparently been invited by The Hobbit producer Peter Jackson to audition for the roles of dwarf brothers Fili and Kili. 

For those of you who remain blissfully unaware of this duo's mindnumbing lack of talent (I envy you), then you can sample their so-crap-it's-amusing rendition of the Ghostbusters theme-tune here. It's safe to say that they have about as much aptitude for the performing arts as I have for rocket science. 

If those involved with the movie want publicity, then Jedward are the perfect choice - they attract publicity like a dogshit attracts flies. However, if these two talentless pop clowns landed the roles, then it would blow the film's credibility apart. Hopefully this is all a joke that has got out of hand...


Adam Whitehead said...

I believe this story has already been reported to be 'total bullcrap'.

Peter Jackson has zero idea who these people are and is not a fan of 'stunt casting', especially in this case (as - we can only hope - Jedward will have disappeared from the public mind in two years when the first movie comes out). In addition, other reports are saying that Louis Walsh contacted Jackson, not the other way round, which is a radically different situation.

Fili and Kili are also not twins, just brothers in the book (Fili is five years older), which leads me to suspect this story being major BS.

James said...

I had strong suspicions that this story was a load of nonsense, mainly because the only places that seemed to be carrying the story were the tabloids and celebrity gossip websites. I did find it hard to stomach the idea that Jackson had actually thought they might be suitable, so am not surprised to find that it was probably Walsh that contacted him and not vice versa, as was reported. But still, stranger things have happened so it was hard to disregard it completely.

Hopefully we'll get some official clarification soon, so we can all sleep more easily! :)